Friday, August 2, 2013

Sabaide Rue Krop

Today has been a good day. I am learning to be productive somewhat as I wait for school to start again. I started my hobbies of learning Thai and Yoga again. Practicing Yoga has a nice feeling, for you are aligning your mind and body well.
When learning Thai today, I began by running with an idea that I had. A couple days ago I asked my mother is Thai a language that I can learn alone by learning the alphabet, words, grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking on your own. She affirmed yes as I think of the crazy Chinese language, where it is nearly impossible alone with a dictionary and a book. I tried. The dictionary had so many different meanings for one character. A simpler dictionary is required.
In the Thai language, the first ten standard letters or consonants are as follows: I don't understand how now all of them are on my Thai Keyboard. My mom is in for an inquiry.

gau gai ก
kau kai ข
kau kuad​ (letter not on my keyboard)
kau kwaai ค
kau kon (letter not on my keyboard)​
kau ra-kang ฆ
ngau ngoo ง
jau jaan จ
shau shing ฆ
shau shaang ช

I plan to learn ten each day. There are 44 consonants. I am using an app called Korkai to learn the pronunciations and tones.

P.S. I asked mom about the kau kon and kau kuad. At first she thought that the letters should be in the keyboard, but after investigation we found that the consonants are not used in the language. I can't explain it at this time because I have no knowledge why these letters are not used.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tham a Rai? ทำอะไร​อยู่​

On Sunday, I met a new Korean foreign student that my family is hosting to practice English, and I was surprised that my family told her that I am learning Thai. I am, but the process is very slow like many other things in my life. She asked me to share what I have learned. I realized that reviewing my blog would be good as I shared.
My brother said that he recalls that mom says nontombelliyuu a lot, saying that it means What are you doing? I have been looking around for a clarification, and I found that it is spelt​?​๋​ ทำอะไร​ nontombelliyuu seems to have a lot of extra stuff. It is actually pronounced "tham a rai." has a good explanation. ทำอะไรอยู่​ is tham a rai yuu. Yuu seems to adds a present moment aspect to the question. What are you doing now?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mai khao jai

This morning I was browsing through my learning Thai apps, and I have in "Thai lite." I saw mai khao jai, and remembered that from the MV from my favorite singer that I shared before. It means I don't understand. ผมไม่เข้าใจครับ are the Thai words for it. The complete pronunciation pom mai khao jai krap.
The app restricts the words, requiring me to buy the app. It is kind of weak because it does not seem that you can copy and paste the  phrase that you learned. Practicing typing is nice though.
One error in my typing application for Thai is that there is a little thing following the last character that I write. You may recall that the thing was on a letter from the word that I typed.
I will add the MV, so you can remember mai khao jai, or pom mai khao jai krap. :) (The little thing has seemed to disappear, since I pressed enter to go down to the next line, but I don't think that these little tricks should be needed to be learned.)

Pom khao jai means I understand with the words symbolized as ผมเข้าใจครับ. เข้าใจมั้ยครับ is the question 'do you understand?' And it is pronounced as khao jai mail krap. ้

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sorry. OMG

I have been trying to learn some phrases by watching some Thai TV with English subtitles, but it is not going well. The phrase that I learn is OMG, but as a christian, I don't ever want to say that. I remember the phrase dilao as the phrase. I looked it up on Google translate to confirm, but the translator says that the phrase is different from what I remember. Since I don't care to learn it. I am not going to ask my mother.
It seems that common phrases are learned when watching Thai TV. 'I am sorry,' 'excuse me' or 'sorry' is the second phrase that I learned. ขอโทษ 'call toad' sounds like the phrase, but toád is a short vow. The 'd' is extremely quick perhaps silent. Adding krop to the end would make it formal for a male, but girls would at ka at the end.
This is the show that I watched the first episode of. The story is so predictable that I will probably look for another to watch, but here it is.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Birthday!

สุขสันต์วันเกิด! This is one of my first times successfully typing in Thai! I am not just copying and pasting it. Happy birthday!!
The pronunciation is S̄uk̄hs̄ạnt̒ wạn keid.

I just learned Thailand?

I looked up "How do you say 'I am learning Thai' in Thai" in Google, and Yahoo! Answers gave me " ผมกำลังเรียนภาษาไทยครับ" from a native Thai speaker. It is pronounced as P̄hm kảlạng reīyn p̣hās̄ʹā thịy khrạb. You may know that translators are not perfect, but here is an example. Google said that it means 'I just learned Thailand.' Mom confirmed that the Thai phrase is accurate.
I am going to check whether my phrases are accurate with native speakers; although, even Thai translators are not perfect. My mom is a Thai translator, and she creates these documents for the assessment of translators. When she double checks the other people's work, surprisingly it is all messed up; therefore, she fixes it.


I am excited that I can have this blog because my smart phone let's me type in Thai. My phone will make learning Thai easier. My laptop doesn't have the Thai alphabet on the keyboard, but my phone can. :)